How to Create Firefighter ID Cards

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How to Create Firefighter ID Cards

Firefighters are routinely called upon to protect the populace in dangerous situations. Rushing into noisy, chaotic situations, they are often our first line of defense. But that defense can break down if firefighters are not properly identified while on the job. Identification badges can ensure that police officers or other firefighters can quickly identify their fellows in time critical circumstances where visibility and hearing conditions are noticeably degraded. The time saved by having a proper ID card could mean the difference between life and death.

Determine what information is necessary for the ID badge to display. Critical pieces of information include date of birth, name, rank, ID number, Fake IDs and Fire Department designation. Job titles whether Assistant Chief or Medic are also extremely helpful for fast identification on the job.

Design the layout of the ID badge. The most common layout of an identification badge is 3.37 inches by 2.125 inches, and has the photograph of the person in the upper middle of the card. Running down the left side is the local unit designation; the federal, state, county or city designation runs down the right side of the card. Name, Best Fake ID websites rank, blood type and ID number are placed at the bottom center of the badge. The reverse side of the badge could contain a list of emergency numbers, such as family members to contact in event of hospitalization, or telephone numbers for local police and government personnel.

Use a computer graphics program, such as Photoshop or GIMP, to create a template for easier use.

Establish an ID number tracking program so that lost ID badges cannot be used illegally or improperly.

Render the wearer’s name or other important information in bold type for easier visibility.

Consider leaving a 1/8 inch border of clear space around the edge of the ID badge. After the card is printed, Fake IDs the user can place a border of glow tape or other light emitting paper around the edge to enhance the visibility of the badge.

Metal spring loaded clips may also be purchased and attached to clip the badge into a shirt pocket or underneath a jacket so that the card is easily found.

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