Buying a fake ID online

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Buying a fake ID online

Border Patrol displays false identification cards, including fake Social Secruity cards and drivers licences that they have confiscated over the last few years June 27, 2007 in Deming, New Mexico.

The fake ID has been a popular purchase for decades among Americans younger than the drinking age. Many entrepreneurs have stories of creating a successful fake ID business on college campuses (it illegal, but it lucrative), because as long as there have been rules, there have been people looking to break them. However, sending your personal information to a fake ID business isn exactly the same thing as entering your credit card information on a reputable merchant website. Sure, best fake id anything can be compromised, but asking a stranger in a foreign country to manufacture an identifying document for you opens the door to someone stealing your identity.

It a matter of concern, according to a news report out of DePere, Wisconsin, where police have noticed the trend of college students buying fake IDs from China based ID Chief. Buyers share their legitimate driver licenses with the ID seller, pay hundreds of dollars and, in about a week, have a fraudulent duplicate of their license, showing their age as 21.

The site advertises IDs with security features like holograms and scannable barcodes, best fake id making them more attractive to teens afraid of getting caught.

Of course, the thing they probably not worried about (and should be) is what happens to their personal information after the company manufactures their fake IDs. It not a good idea take your photo, signature, birthdate, full name, eye color and address, send it off to oblivion and carry on without concern. It can take years to recover from identity theft and the damage it can do to your finances and credit standing, which is going to be significantly less enjoyable than not having access to bars for a few years. Here are some things you can do to help yourself if your identity is stolen. buy fake ids

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